Preaching & Teaching

Preaching and TeachingBerean is centered around the idea that solid biblical preaching and teaching is a key to spiritual growth and maturity.  When you experience Berean you will find every message and lesson is carefully prepared and prayed over.  It is vitally important that the Holy Spirit use each time to speak to you individually.


We offer Three main Preaching and Teaching Ministries.

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  • Sunday Morning includes a Sunday School hour followed by a main worship service that focuses on Christian living.  We teach the principles of Scripture and how they can be practically applied.  Many lives have been changed and Christians have matured spiritually by the preaching Berean provides.


  • Sunday Evening is typically a time that we take a deeper look into the Scriptures.  Often tackling tough issues and answering questions on a deeper spiritual level, always helping you to be rooted and grounded in the truth of God’s Word. 


  • Wednesday Evening is an informal Bible study where we take one book of the Bible and teach it verse by verse.  This is a great time to strengthen your understanding of Scripture by looking at the meaning of individual passages of scripture within their context. 


Sermons availableTwice a year (spring and fall) Berean holds special meetings at our church.  These are meetings in which some of the foremost Bible preachers and teachers expound God’s Word with powerful messages from Scripture.  It is a time for believers to be refreshed and spiritually revived.  We have seen many souls saved and the fruit of spiritual growth has been evidence of God’s working at these meetings.


There are certainly other opportunities to experience sound Bible teaching as well…


To experience some of the teaching that Berean provides, you can follow this link to listen to some of our previous sermons.